Kidman Park Primary School

Materials & Services Fees

School fees (Materials & Services Fees (M&S)) - are set by the Governing Council each year.   This covers basic materials and services.  School fees should be paid at the beginning of the school year once a family has been invoiced. 

Payments throughout the year can be negotiated where more than one child is involved or where financial difficulty is experienced. 

 An additional levy of $40 per family towards our building fund is also requested. This amount is tax deductible.


The School Card Scheme provides financial assistance towards the educational expenses incurred by families who meet the eligibility criteria. Eligibility for the School Card is determined by the department. 

Applicants wishing to be considered for School Card assistance must apply each year. School Card is based on your previous years financial income. School Card forms can be collected from the Front Office.  We prefer families to submit applications before the end of Term 1. For further information please contact    the school.