Kidman Park Primary School

Active Curriculum


The DECD Swimming and Aquatics program is an integral part of our curriculum and provides the opportunity for all students to develop a range of skills, understandings and attitudes about water safety, survival in the water and mobility in, on and around water.   At the beginning of the year (Term 1 Week 4) all students from Reception to year 5 have the opportunity to attend five days of lessons at the Thebarton Aquatic Centre (just behind the Thebarton Theatre). Parents are invited to come along and watch their child as they learn swimming stroke techniques, and water safety.

Our students in the Learning Centre attend a weekly swimming program at Regency Park Centre to further develop their mobility and safety awareness skills.

Each year the Year 6/7 students take part in a 2 day Aquatics program where they are introduced to a variety of aquatic activities including sailing and canoeing.

There is a cost to parents for the programs. 

Thebarton Aquatic Centre