Enrolment process
If you live within our Priority Enrolment Area (PEA), as outlined below, please complete the Enrolment Form by clicking on the link below.  If you live outside our Priority Enrolment Area, please complete the Application for Waiting List Form instead.  Please then email completed forms to:


If you need any assistance please contact our friendly administration staff on (08) 8353 2444.

Priority Enrolment Area (PEA)
Our numbers continue to grow at KPPS which is great news for our school.  But, growth can create other issues –especially when we don’t have any extra rooms!  Over the years our Governing Council has always believed that 500 students is the optimal size for our school. By the end of this year we expect to reach 520 students. Using the formula of 26 students in Early Years classes and 30 students for the rest of the school we have a number of classes that are full whilst others have vacancies for a couple of students. This becomes tricky when a new family want to enrol a student in the year levels that are ‘full’. It is critical that vacancies are available for students that live in the local area (no matter how many students are in a class).  Therefore, we are have established a ‘Priority Enrolment Area’.  Students living in this area (our local area) will automatically be enrolled at the school. Students outside of this area will be enrolled if there is a vacancy. Siblings of our current students receive automatic enrolment. To ensure equity, a waiting list has been developed and parents given adequate warning of acceptance.  Early submission of application forms will ensure a greater chance of acceptance for students living outside our preferred enrolment area. This will certainly be easier for starting foundation students at the beginning of each year. This also means it is important for current families to submit enrolment forms for siblings as early as possible to assist our planning.  Our ‘Priority Enrolment Area’ is within the following boundaries – Tapleys Hill Road, Grange Road, Henley Beach Road, Findon Road and the River Torrens.


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