Kidman Park Primary School

Mobility Group


Conductive Education, founded by András Pető in Hungary, is a holistic system of teaching and learning for people with motor disorders such as cerebral palsy.

Conductive Education is conceived of as a partnership between educator and learners to create circumstances for learning- it is an all day learning process. Conductors can be contacted at SERU by phoning:  8235 2871.


The Group - The social group works to motivate the child to complete tasks, encourages accomplishments, and supports confidence and effort.

Daily Routine – The timetable of activities allowing for the continuity, consistency, reinforcement and generalisation of skills to occur across all environments and curriculum areas.

Facilitation – This is the “help” given to enable the child to complete the task and may include furniture (such as plinth, ladder), equipment (such as armbands), manual physical assistance (“hands on”) and verbal prompts. 

Rhythmic Intention – The “verbal cues” which provide the child with instructions for movement and a time frame in which to complete it.  This engages the child’s inner language in order to independently voice motor directions to him/herself, and ultimately incorporate these motor patterns into everyday life.

The Conductor – The specialist who designs, plans and implements the various task series.

The Task Series – These teach the performance of motor tasks learned spontaneously by children without motor disorders.  The skills required for a particular motor task are broken down into smaller steps and learned within the lying task, sitting and standing task, hand task series and walking program.