Kidman Park Primary School

Principal's Welcome

Thank you for showing an interest in our school.  Kidman Park Primary School has been serving the local community since 1967.  The school has a long tradition for providing dynamic and diverse learning programs for all students.

In our ever changing global community it is important that parents take the time to find a school that meets the needs of their child.  School's today provide a variety of rich and diverse programs, there is a lot to consider!

Today, Kidman Park Primary is a warm and friendly community school of 400 students including a unit for students with severe, multiple disabilities.  Collaboratively we strive to create a positive learning environment inclusive of all learners thus catering for a wide range of abilities and interests.

We are proud of:

  • Our Well-Being programs to help students grow into strong and optimistic community members.
  • Our Thinking Skills Continuum that is taught across the school to provide all students with the skills to be creative and critical thinkers.
  • A wide range of challenging and fun student enrichment activities.
  • Being the only primary school in South Australia that intensively implements and teaches the Principles of Conductive Education to students with physical disabilities.
  • Our strong in and after school sports programs.
  • The dynamic leadership opportunities and responsibilities provided to students.
  • The variety and quality of the whole school activities and events that take place during the year.
  • Our developing Information and Communication Technology programs to develop future IT literate students.

Literacy and numeracy have an extremely high place in our daily lessons as we endeavour to improve our students' learning outcomes in these areas - our success is regularly noted in our NAPLAN results.  As a community we are also committed to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum and the benefits that it will provide to our students.

At KPPS we actively provide opportunities for students to recognise the uniqueness of each individual and to value their contribution to the school community.  We are also committed to preparing our students and staff for the future and therefore develop skills and knowledge in collaborative learning and interpersonal skills.

Explore our school, to see if we meet the needs of your child.                Principal:   John Clarke