Kidman Park Primary School

Student Wellbeing

The school provides a strong learning and support for students in relation to their social and emotional wellbeing.

This includes:

  • Christian Pastoral Support Worker
  • Well Being focus teacher
  • Regularly updated behaviour management procedures
  • Circle Time - for teachers to provide feedback, receive feedback about school issues and to discuss key topics in relation to well being.  Circle Time creates an opportunity for staff to understand where a students 'emotional thermometer' is at, at any given time
  • Restorative questions provide a key foundation for the resolution of all issues
  • To support emotional intelligence and thus grow confident and robust students, key optimism programs are taught across all teams.

SHIP methodologies will be used to assist in the teaching of the program to students. The program includes an intensive 3 weeks of activities and lessons for the beginning of 2011 to introduce the program, lay the key foundations and to establish expectations for the year. All staff members will be expected to model and use the methodologies chosen in all facets of school life.