Kidman Park Primary School


Kidman Park Primary School has a school uniform based on the school colours of royal blue and white.

The School Dress Code has been developed and passed by Governing Council following school community consultation.  The wearing of clothes following the school colours is expected.  They are: royal blue with white trim and navy pants.  Summer dresses are also available.

Wearing uniform colours gives students a sense of belonging and develops pride in the school as well as being cheaper, functional and non-competitive in terms of fashion.

Suitable shoes (eg runners and enclosed sandals) that students can run and play in are to be worn at all times.

Students are not permitted to wear face makeup, large jewellery or revealing clothing (including tight shorts), denim jeans and denim shorts..  Thongs and tanks tops are not permitted for health and safety reasons.

Uniforms can be purchased from the Uniform Shop (Activity Room) between 8.30 - 9.30am Monday and Tuesday mornings. 

The school has a widely publicised hat policy. Students must wear a (named) broad brimmed or bucket hat in the yard from September 1st until May 31st. Students not wearing a hat must play in shaded areas. The uniform shop sells a selection of hats.

Uniform Price List/Order Form

KPPS Uniform Policy