Kidman Park Primary School


At KPPS we welcome volunteers to our school to support our students learning.  We value the skills, expertise and knowledge that volunteers bring and see their interactions as an integral part of our student’s learning.  Volunteers have many roles from listening to students reading, working in small groups with writing, helping in our garden or just being a listening ear for a student wanting to talk.

It is essential for us to provide a safe working and learning environment for everyone therefore adults volunteering on a regular basis are required to obtain a Criminal History Screening from the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion (DCSI).

When one-off situations such as being a guest speaker, concert performer or when adults are attending events such as sports days, working bees and whole of school/centre events, the criminal history screening is not required. 

Information on how to volunteer and the procedures for working on a DECD site is available at: