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Kidman Park Primary School is located 6km from the city and 3km from the beautiful Grange Beach and Jetty.

At Kidman Park Primary School our purpose is to engage every student so that they achieve at the highest possible level of their learning and wellbeing, through quality care and teaching.  Our vision is to provide a safe and meaningful learning environment where we embrace new initiatives and methodologies that enable everyone to achieve their full potential.



Our School
The grounds at Kidman Park Primary are large and attractive.

We have a basketball court nearby a large oval, play areas and outdoor flexible learning areas.  We have undercover seating areas located throughout the school, and a resource centre which accommodates for STEM learning.  There are many other wonderful facilities available for use.


Student Wellbeing
Kidman Park Primary School has a large focus on Student Wellbeing. In 2014 Kidman Park Primary became the National Pilot School in the development of a school curriculum based on the Joy Project.  For this, all classes participate in ‘Positive Education Assists Real Life Learning’ (PEARL) lessons with the PEARL teacher and focus on building ‘Inner Joy’.  The PEARL Classroom is a beautifully set up room in which children learn to identify and respond to positive and negative feelings.  All classes at our school implement the principles of Positive Education.  We have seen incredible results through this program.

International Students
While an International Student is enrolled at KPPS they will receive support and be monitored by their class teacher.  In addition to this, the EAL/D Teacher will work with International Student to build their literacy skills in English.  The school’s International Program Manager will oversee transition and ensure that all International Students are monitored and their progress is assessed, with information being shared with the parents/guardians of the student.  

Protocol for Managing International Students
Wellbeing, academic progress, attendance, behaviour and critical incidences will be monitored according to National Codes of 2007.

Other Activities
Kidman Park Primary hosts a variety of fun events throughout the year.

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