This is Apollo.  Apollo is Kidman Park Primary School’s first ever Facilities dog. Apollo first came to Kidman Park on the 28th of August 2019. He benefits our school in many ways.  For example, he calms people down, helps people who might need extra support, if people are respectful he will be a reward and will cheer people up because everyone needs a dog in their life. He works with children that have disabilities or need extra help/support. Apollo benefits our school in many ways and we hope that he can help more people.


Apollo is the first fully trained facilities dog working full time in a school in South Australia. He has been in training with Guide Dogs SA/NT since he was a puppy, and was specially chosen for his temperament to work in a school. Apollo and his handler Miss Amanda, completed a week of training and passed the Public Access Test- this means Apollo can go into most public places. So far, some of the work he has done includes:


  • Going on walk and talks with students and Miss Amanda
  • Working in the Learning Centre- where he wears a sensory vest and interacts with students
  • Working with our Junior Primary classes in the library
  • Calming time – when a child is upset or anxious
  • Reward time – when students have worked towards a goal
  • Friendship building – working with small groups of children doing fun things like playing fetch
  • Yard duty – with Miss Amanda sometimes at break times or after school
  • Generally putting a smile on the faces of our staff, students and parents!


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