Education Research Project

Education Research Projects (ERPs) are projects jointly chosen by the students and the teacher.

Guided by the teacher in engaging students to further develop their understanding of goals on a specific topic from the Australian Curriculum that link into learning intentions.

Students are required to adhere to a project design brief, which sets out particular core learning and specific questions connected to the topic. Student inquiry questions drive their investigation beyond the topic requirements.

ERPs have a cross curriculum component where literacy, numeracy and other areas are incorporated across a big question focus.

Skills developed through the ERPs include; flexibility, empowerment, focus skills, developing research and presentation skills, making cross curriculum connections, responsibility for negotiation and risk taking and creating deeper learning experiences on a broader range of issues.

Formative assessment in the form of a negotiated rubrics assists student focus on selected outcomes. Immediate peer feedback is provided through individualised student/teacher designed resources. Monitoring of student progress in research and presentation skill development is done via ongoing conferencing.

Excursions, incursions and information sharing are part of the ERP process. They assist in engagement and reinforcement of topics for students.


Student reviews

The learning intentions are very broad so you can link them to basically anything. It is so much easier to do a project that is linked to your interest because it encourages you do learn more and to do your work.  I enjoy researching and learning about different topics for ERP.


Student reviews

The E.R.P.s I have done in the past have helped me understand the natural disasters and how the world work as well as how the world is getting affected by different things, global warming.


Student reviews

I like how when we do our ERP we get to chose any interest ours and link them to one of the 4 learning intentions which gives us an option on picking something we want to learn more about.  This term I’m doing Italy which links to learning intention 2, how culture and environment influences our identity.


Student reviews

I really enjoy having 1 big project to work on and to continue whenever you have time. I also like the variety of choices for a topic so you can link it to your interest.  One year I also did simple machines with my friend and we figured out how wheelchair peoples ramps work.


Student reviews

Well my first ERP was interesting because it had involved around shopping. While presenting I had felt nervous at start because it was presenting in frount of the whole class but it I have to review it would be a 9\10 because its facing fears of speaking in a large crowd.


Student reviews

I enjoy when you work with a partner because you get to work as a team and spend time together doing the work.  Last year I did baking for my ERP and I made some bread, I video’d it in time lapse and you could see it rise up


Student reviews

My favorite subject at school is definitely E.R.P. It is my favorite subject because you get to research about things that you don’t really know about, and doing that gets you to learn new things that you didn’t know. What I enjoy most about it is that you get to do projects on it and make posters which I find really fun.


Student reviews

My favourite subject at school is probably ERP (Educational Research Project). We first have a main topic and we need to research about a part of it and present it to groups in our class. Researching is my favourite part of ERP because I enjoy learning new things.


Student reviews

My favourite subject is ERP because I find it very enjoyable. I enjoy the most about is the topics that I do and especially when I do a topic I’m really interested in.



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