At Kidman Park Primary School we engage students in an enjoyable and varied Japanese program so that learning a second language is both fun and rewarding. Each class attends one 45-minute Japanese lesson a week. We cover a variety of topics throughout the year, making sure that each year builds upon the last, increasing the opportunity to remember and utilise prior learning.

Special events throughout the year, such as the Western Region 6 Hiragana Competition and Japanese Quiz Day, provide a creative outlet for students to challenge themselves and test their knowledge. We also provide opportunities for students to share their learning with others through in-school events such as the Cherry Blossom Picnic and Middle Years Japanese Matsuri (festival).

Our Japanese program is planned using the Australian Curriculum. Students complete various tasks each semester to demonstrate their ability to speak, listen to, read and write Japanese. In addition, a rich cultural programme, embedded in our learning plans, develops a deep understanding of Japan and it’s people. Our Japanese garden plays a part in student outdoor learning. It is our own little piece of Japan!

To find out more, please feel free to visit and talk with the Japanese teacher, Belinda Brenen, in the Japanese room.

Student reviews

I enjoy learning how to speak Japanese and saying things like hello.














Student reviews

We learn all about the culture of Japan and its history. We also learn about how to read hiragana, the most common alphabet Japanese people use. When you learn how to read hiragana, you can make fun sentences and start to use basic phrases. I enjoy learning hiragana and about Japanese culture. Last year we learnt about traditional festivals, which was a new experience and a great subject to learn more about. Recently in Japanese, we cooked a meal with the help of the teachers. I tasted not what I’m used to, but it was really great.








Student reviews

I have learned my ten-tens and maru, heaps of facts about Japanese mascots, where to find iconic tourist attractions, how to make yakisoba noodles, the formal way to introduce yourself and the many differences between Japanese and Australian culture, just to name a few.  I enjoy completing the booklets my Japanese teacher assigns me because they are full of thought-provoking and engaging activities and you are rewarded when you complete them on time.










Student reviews

We learn how to read and write in the Japanese writing systems, we learn about Japanese culture, how to form full sentences in Japanese and how people live in Japan and more. I enjoy Japanese as a whole, but I most enjoy learning to form sentences and read and write them because it feels good to know how to speak in another language. 













Student reviews

I enjoy learning about numbers and counting.













Student reviews

I enjoy learning a second language and culture.


Student reviews

My favourite subject at school is Japanese, because it is fun to learn a different language. I enjoy having my black belt, so I can read words in Hiragana. 














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