Wellbeing and Creating Joy

The teaching of our wellbeing/ health curriculum at our school introduces and develops, the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that will assist our students to flourish in a nurturing and supportive learning environment.

For children to flourish it includes:

  • Joyful living, nurturing love and a sense of trust
  • Awareness of and skills for connecting to others
  • Developing one’s capacities to the fullest and having the self-confidence to do certain things, become independent, and have the ability to act and think for yourself

We enable children to explore concepts related to their wellbeing, help our students get to know themselves and to better understand others and specifically to develop and practise skills which are relevant to their lives. The lessons also focus on the importance of showing respect and tolerance towards others and valuing diversity in our society.

Students are exposed to explicit skill building lessons in the PEARL room once a week and implicitly incorporated in their classrooms throughout all other subject areas in the curriculum. Examples of the tools explicitly taught are demonstrated below:


Our aim is to give students the tools, strategies and experiences to manage their emotions, help them solve their own problems and enable them to feel great about themselves. Confident and resilient children with a capacity for emotional intelligence perform better academically.  These skills can also contribute to their ability to create strong social bonds, supportive communities, maintain healthy relationships and responsible lifestyles. The program prepares children for the opportunities and challenges outside the classroom, assisting them to become responsible, caring members of society.

Student reviews

We learn about lots of emotions and how you can deal with them, what you can do to calm down and about the benefits of laughter. I enjoy watching movies and listening to the real reason behind why we watch it. She teaches us to understand what the key message is behind a story.


Student reviews

In PEARLS we learn about our feelings and how to care for ourselves. This term we made a poster about how laughter is beneficial and why we should laugh. We have learnt a lot about bullying by how to stand up to bullies and to support people that are being bullied. We have learnt about caring, kindness, bullying, joy, sadness and anger.


Student reviews

In PEARLS, we learn about a lot of things. We learn about joy, laughter, forgiveness, gratitude, meditation, and mostly just stuff about our feelings. In PEARLS, we do projects sometimes on these topics, write down things we’re feeling, and sometimes, we do meditation. What I enjoy about PEARLS is, sometimes, we can write down what we’re feeling, and we can always talk to the teacher, if we have a problem, and I really like meditation, because when we meditate, I’m always relaxed, and when we’re meditating, all of my stresses go away.


Student reviews

In PEARLS we learn about being better people in the community, having gratitude and learning about life skills for our future. Every year we have  made a card with some seeds and gone to some houses around our school. Sometimes a reply to the school even comes back explaining how our card helped that person have a better day. We also learn how important it is to be grateful and reflect on our feelings and day. Something I really enjoyed this year is we watched a movie called Inside Out it was about how we feel and how those feelings can affect us. Afterwards we answered questions about the movie and how we deal with certain situations. 



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